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  • We signed our 13 year old daughter up for Krav Maga after she had issues with a boy harassing her at school. We wanted a program that teaches real world defense strategies, not a a watered down strip mall martial arts assembly line program. After researching various types of self defense we settled on Krav Maga which lead us to The Training Edge. They have treated us like family from the first phone call. The instructor's and staff understand the need to make sure our daughter can defend herself and they share our concern for her safety. Many times she is the youngest and smallest in a class of adults and the instructor's make she she is comfortable and treated like an equal and they don't take it easy on her because of her size or age which is wonderful because if she is ever attacked I can guarantee her attacker won't take it easy. I have some health issues that resulted in our daughter missing a few classes, the instructor called to make sure that nothing was wrong, that everyone was ok and offered to help her make up the missed classes. They don't see dollar symbols when they look at you, they see you and you become a part of The Training Edge family, where everyone is treated with respect. Best of all they are teaching our daughter real world skills that could save her life one day. As parents we could not ask for a better team to have our daughters back!

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    Amanda Hollmer
  • The Training Edge changed my life!

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Jeff Smith
  • A quick thank you too all my instructors and fellow students who encourage and inspire me to be better in everything I do. I couldn't do it without you! The Training Edge rocks!!!

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    Ron Locurto
  • Wow... great training... build confidence ... Become strong and capable... All while become part of the "Krav family"

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    Peggy Lydell
  • I just started last week in the Muay Thai classes, and I already feel so much better. Very sore, but so much better. The instructors are incredible and they push you to do your best. The other students are very encouraging and drive you to do better. I still have a long way to go, and it will be a great challenge, but I know I'll succeed at The Training Edge.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Curtis McCant



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